Where it all started..

The Quest to Find a Gluten-Free, Nut-Free Wedding Cake.

Last year, I got married. A month before my wedding I had figured out all the details: the venue, the dress, the music, the photographers, my shoes, even the 300 gold animals and dinosaurs that would be the centerpiece decorations on our table were finished and ready to go. But there was one missing critical piece: our wedding cake.

Having a gluten intolerance and marrying someone with a life threatening allergy to tree nuts made this a hundred times more difficult than just choosing between vanilla or chocolate. I set out on the internet with high hopes that with my research skills I’d figure it out. How hard could it be to find a bakery that didn’t use tree nuts and gluten?  I quickly realized it wasn’t going to be so simple. Everywhere I searched I found disclaimers (we can’t guarantee a nut free environment, etc.). Typically my husband and I take these warnings with a grain of salt and proceed with caution, however out of all the nights to have an allergic reaction, our wedding night was not the one we wanted to spend in the emergency room.

After doing some serious searching, I turned to Facebook, hopeful that I would know someone who would know someone who could make us a cake using gluten free flour and no nuts. Nothing. I even (strongly) considered making the cake myself, but realized decoration of baked goods isn’t exactly my strong suit. I felt frustrated. All the great gluten free bakeries couldn’t guarantee to use nut free flours and my wedding day was drawing closer and closer.

Finally, I stumbled on Everybody Eats, a small bakery in Brooklyn who specialize in bread and cookies, but would take a special order for my cake. I was over the moon, and worked with their pastry chef to create a vanilla butter cream cake with lemon curd, with herbs and lavender as the decorative elements as my wedding cake. I felt so excited and relieved to discover a safe option. And then I had a thought..why is this so hard? Why aren’t there any resources for people dealing with life threatening food allergies. Do I need to be an internet ninja to find them? What about those who aren’t internet savvy?

That’s where the Allergy Free Wife was born. The feeling that I had when getting a note back from Everybody Eats saying “you and your husband will be 100% safe eating this cake on your wedding” made me feel free, safe, and not fearful for my husband’s life after a bite of cake. My hope is to create a space to share my findings of the best allergy free products, establishments who will make you feel safe to dine, tips on how to travel with allergies, and more.


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