The Allergy Free Wife’s Bite-Sized Guide: New York City

Prior to my gluten intolerance, eating at restaurants was a regular occurrence for me. When dining with my husband, we’d casually mention his allergies and hope that the server took us seriously, but wouldn’t think twice after mentioning his allergy. Then everything changed. During a normal dinner out, we had a  terrifying encounter at one of our favorite restaurants where pine nuts were added into in a dish we didn’t expect them to be present in. We had to go to the hospital, and it was a nerve wracking experience for everyone involved. After this incident I felt a new level of anxiousness about dining out, for fear of my husband’s life.

However, living in fear is no way to live at all, especially in a city like New York City, which is brimming with incredible restaurants. Determined to not be restricted by my gluten intolerance, and his allergies, I’ve found quite a few spots that are not only safe to eat at, but go out of their way to accommodate those with food allergies. My quest continues daily, please be sure to check back as I add new eateries catering to those with food allergies in NYC. Please note that while some of these establishments offer nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free options, their menu is subject to change and it’s always important to inform your server about your allergies before ordering.

The Allergy Free Wife’s Bite-Sized Guide: Austin

This month I was lucky enough to return to one of my favorite places in America: Austin, Texas! The last time I visited Austin I was still eating gluten. I made it my mission to find the best allergy-friendly establishments in Austin, and found quite a few gems! Read on for my recommendations!

The Allergy Free Wife’s Bite-Sized Guide: San Francisco
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One of the best parts of my job is that I get the chance to travel quite often. My company is based in San Francisco, which means I’ve been able to get to know the city quite well during my frequent visits. After extensive research, I’ve narrowed down on my favorite allergy-friendly spots to visit during my 24-hour jaunts to the West Coast.