Allergy-Free Baked Goods in Under 60 Minutes? It’s Possible!

Through my mad search combos on Google, I stumbled upon The Really Great Food Company. Intrigued by their straight-forward and promising name, I found that they made baking mixtures that were gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, and more. Best of all? They had a Irish Soda Bread mix. Taking less than an hour to make this seemed like something I could make happen. It’s a miracle!

100% Nut-Free Sweet Treats From Sweet & Short Bakeshop

Evoking memories of batter-covered fingers, icing sugar clouds and the sweet smell of fresh baked treats, Toronto-based Short & Sweet Bakeshop treats are handcrafted using only the finest ingredients including pure vanilla, Belgian chocolate, fresh berries, and mouthwatering oranges, lemons and limes. Topped with sweet buttercream, colorful sprinkles, and Belgian chocolate shavings, Short & Sweet baked goods are also 100% peanut and tree-nut free, and offer gluten-free cupcakes as well!

Happy National Sourdough Bread Day!

I’ve found it very difficult to find great sourdough bread, add in the gluten-free factor, and I’m basically out of luck…until I discovered Bread Srsly. Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, vegan sourdough for the sensitive foodie? Handmade? Was this real? I couldn’t wait to get to their San Francisco headquarters to try it out for myself. Let me tell you..their bread is something else. I wanted to cry tears of joy after eating my first bite of sourdough in over five years. It was THAT good.

Love Bread Again!

True Story: one of my favorite things in the world is exploring supermarkets when I’m traveling abroad. During my trip to Rio De Janerio in Brazil last December I discovered a variety of amazing gluten-free treats. My favorite find wasn’t a native Brazilian product, it was a gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free loaf of bread all the way from Loveland, Colorado!

Let’s Talk About Kissing..

When you think about food allergies, what usually comes to mind One thing you quickly realize when managing a food allergy yourself, or if you love someone with an allergy, is that there are many other items allergens can be present in, including many body products. Earlier this winter, I shared my favorite allergen-free lotions, and now I’m focusing on an even more personal item: lipstick, and make-up.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, Naturally.

Toronto-based company Jars of Joy makes jars filled with mixes that are 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, refined-sugar free, and nut-free flavors. They’re also beautifully packaged and make great gifts (or you can be like me and buy them all for yourself)! Currently Cassandra who is the founder is focusing on selling Jars of Joy at local craft/flea markets in Toronto (all upcoming market dates can be found here ).

Carly’s Better Bites: Gluten-Free Heaven!

It’s no surprise that I’m always on the lookout for new gluten-free treats! A few months ago, a new company I saw on instagram caught my eye: Carly’s Better Bites. These bright, beautiful cake bites were 100% gluten-free, made in small batches in NYC. I knew I needed to try them! I reached out and ordered the holiday edition of the bites. I can safely say that as beautiful as they look on the outside, they are equally as delicious on the inside. I got a chance to chat with the founder Carly Shapiro of Carly’s Better Bites. 

Gluten + Nut Free Haven in Rhode Island

One thing I truly miss is eating the same dessert as my husband. Due to my gluten intolerance, and his nut allergy (he also doesn’t eat chocolate, as a result of an allergy he grew out of), there are very few dessert items that are safe for both of us to eat. During my research about bakeries who are 100% free of the top-eight allergens (there aren’t many), I came across A&J Bakery located Cranston, Rhode Island. This family-owned nut-free and gluten-free bakery was started by a husband/wife couple with over 28 years of combined baking experience. I initially discovered them during my quest to find an allergen-free gingerbread house, but I quickly realized that they offer so much more. From breads to pastries to pasta, pies, and cookies, they have it all, and the best part? Safe for everyone who wants nut-free and gluten-free products, in addition to items which are free of the top eight allergens. Not in the Rhode Island area? No need to worry, they ship nationally!

Vegan and Gluten Free Doughnuts Taking London By Storm

Delicious, decadent Sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla Glazed, Raspberry, Nutella doughnuts, all of which are vegan and gluten-free. Do I have your attention yet? What about 72% Rio Caribe Cacao, Salted Caramel, and cookie crumble brownies, also free from eggs, dairy, soy, and gluten. Now we’re talking. These are some of the delicious creations being made at the London Bakehouse Borough 22. In honor of National Doughnut Day, I caught up with the ultimate authority on doughnuts (specifically the allergy-free kind), Ryan Panchoo of Borough 22 in London, England. 

Falling in Love with Eleni’s Cookies

Fall in NYC is hands down the most magical time. Any thoughts I’ve ever had about how difficult NYC can be to live in disappear once the leaves begin to turn. Another reason I love living in the city, is also the number of allergen-friendly establishments that are safe and delicious for both my husband and myself to enjoy. I was lucky enough to speak with Eleni Gianopulos, the founder and Baker-in-Chief of Eleni’s Cookies which provides colorful, tasty nut-free treats to many people each day. We spoke about her background, plans for product expansion, and the craziest request she’s ever received for customized cookies, and more.