This alcohol may contain..nuts!
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The holiday season is in full swing, which means invites to celebrations that most likely involve alcohol. In order to be safe and stay educated, I’ve compiled a handy guide of alcohol that contains nut ingredients. We’re talking beer, brandy, gin, liqueurs, rum, vodka, and whiskey. I was surprised that many types of gin are made with almonds, who knew!

‘Tis the season..for EGG NOG!
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It’s December which means it’s officially Egg Nog season! Nothing puts me more in the holiday spirit than my favorite festive drink. Recently I’ve been trying to limit dairy, and while he’s not allergic, my husband does have a slight intolerance to it as well. which means we’ve became a mainly dairy-free household (add it to the long list of restricted foods). This year, I’ve been in the market for dairy-free, nut-free recipes for Egg Nog, in addition to discovering the best store bought nog. Below are my findings.