Don’t Worry, Eat Happy!

After transitioning to a gluten-free diet a few years ago a cuisine that has been largely off limits for me has been Chinese food. While I love egg rolls and dumplings, there are very few restaurants that offer a gluten-free variation on the typical gluten-filled recipes. I was excited to learn about Feel Good Foods, which was started by food-loving celiac Vanessa Phillips and accomplished chef Tryg Siverson. Now offering frozen gluten-free egg rolls, dumplings, empanadas, taquitos, and full Asian meals. I was lucky enough to speak with Vanessa and learn a bit more about Feel Good Goods.

Bamba, Israel’s Most Popular Snack

A few months ago I was sent an article from The New York Times Magazine about the popular Israeli snack Bamba, which are corn puffs dusted with peanut powder. In the original Bamba recipe the puffs to be covered with cheese, however fifty years ago the cheese was replaced with peanut powder, a kosher-friendly alternative. This snack is so popular in Israel that it’s purchased by 90% of Israeli households!

The Allergy Free Wife’s Pineapple Coconut Banana Protein Muffins

With a blizzard in the forecast for this weekend in NYC and temperatures dropping rapidly, I’ve been inspired to create a version of my tradition protein muffins with a tropical twist. Nothing makes me feel warmer than baking with my favorite flavor combinations: banana, pineapple, and coconut! The bright colors and smells that fill my apartment when making these muffins instantly transports me to a warmer destination far away from the 20 degree weather we’re experiencing!

Nut-Free, Gluten-Free Sandwich Spreads

I love sandwiches of all kinds. One of the saddest moments I had when going gluten-free was the realization that sandwiches wouldn’t be as easy to eat with limited bread options. As more and more restaurants offer gluten-free options it’s become easier for me to partake in delicious sandwiches in the world. A favorite snack staple was almond butter and marmalade (fancy!). When I started dating my now-husband who has a nut allergy, I stopped eating any nut butters as I don’t want to kill him with a kiss. Recently I’ve been experimenting with no-nut butters and other spreadable substitutes which give me the same satisfaction as a nut butter sandwich, but keeps my husband safe. Win win! Here are a few of my favorites.

Allergen-Free Meat-Based Protein Bars

When traveling, one of the must-have items my husband and I always pack is beef or turkey jerky. High in protein, low in fat, and shelf-stable, a packet stashed away in our bags always comes in handy when we’re in a bind, or aren’t feeling that the food options available to us are safe. As paleo diets have become more popular, I’ve seen an increase in the number of meat-based protein bars. Read on for my favorite allergy-free protein bars.

Top Five Allergy Free Protein Bars

When dealing with a food allergy or restriction, it’s always critical to have a protein bar stashed away in your bag in the event that you’re out and not able to find something safe to eat. During my search for a protein bar, I needed to find one that was not just gluten free, but also nut free (aka impossible). Read on for my top five favorite allergy free protein bars, many are also free of the top eight allergens as well.